Marketing Plans: Not Just for Finding Customers

MARKETING PLANS: NOT JUST FOR FINDING CUSTOMERS Most businesses have an idea of how they are going to get more customers, whether through advertising, social media, email, or another medium. Hopefully you as a business owner are bringing in new leads and converting them to customers. However, one of the hottest topics in business right now is finding and keeping great employees. One of the best ways to find those rock stars is to have a clear marketing plan on how to bring the best to you. If you can show that your company is one that your ideal candidate is looking for, the applications will come rolling in. The best candidates right now have their pick of jobs – yours needs to stand out, just like the products and services you offer. Here are four ways to attract great people: YOUR PERFECT CANDIDATE Your team, including the person who is going to supervise the new employee, is your most effective tool in determining your perfect candidate. Meet as a team and talk about the personalit

3 Marketing MIstakes: Are You Guilty?

3 MARKETING MISTAKES: ARE YOU GUILTY? Julie here! As the official Marketing Magician for ActionCOACH (no, really. It says it on my job description), I take on the marketing strategy decisions for our firm and for many others. A comprehensive marketing plan can be filled with a ton of great strategies in print advertising, digital advertising, social media execution, direct mail, brand management and more. But more often than not, the biggest mistakes that we see happening in marketing strategy are fundamental. It’s not a percentage of print to digital advertising budget. It’s not the quality of the TV Commercials that are being produced, although that is important. This week, we’re going to talk about these 3 marketing mistakes and go through some easy strategies to fix them. SPEAKING TO NO ONE Marketing is all about telling a compelling story, and it’s your job as the Business Owner to tell that story. Gurinder Chadha, Director of   Bend it Like Beckham   among many others said “like

Rewriting the Story you Tell Yourself

REWRITING THE STORY YOU TELL YOURSELF The thing that might be getting in the way of your success might be YOU. Even the best of the best leaders at times spin a yarn about how they are not a good enough leader, provider, and owner. After all, especially in a small business, the owner and leadership team may wear many hats. It’s tough to tell yourself that you’re great at every single one of them. But that story running through your head can be the difference between a good leader and a great leader, a restless life and a contented one, or average growth and massive growth. After all, you’ve done it: you are the single best you in the entire world. The best you that has ever been created. Special, unique, and uniquely equipped to walk through your journey in life. Got a different story running through your head? Here’s some tips to clear the clutter: FACE YOUR FEAR We’ve all had a time or a place in our lives when we felt inferior. Like we couldn’t live up to the coolness of Bob, or the