Rewriting the Story you Tell Yourself


The thing that might be getting in the way of your success might be YOU.

Even the best of the best leaders at times spin a yarn about how they are not a good enough leader, provider, and owner. After all, especially in a small business, the owner and leadership team may wear many hats. It’s tough to tell yourself that you’re great at every single one of them. But that story running through your head can be the difference between a good leader and a great leader, a restless life and a contented one, or average growth and massive growth. After all, you’ve done it: you are the single best you in the entire world. The best you that has ever been created. Special, unique, and uniquely equipped to walk through your journey in life.

Got a different story running through your head? Here’s some tips to clear the clutter:


We’ve all had a time or a place in our lives when we felt inferior. Like we couldn’t live up to the coolness of Bob, or the intellect of Terry, or the confidence of Sally. We have this narrative running in our brains that is both anxious about the future, and carrying the mistakes of the past. “I can’t say/do/be that, I’ll sound/look/be stupid.” Anxiety and fear set in. And often times, that fear stops us in our tracks. We have another definition of FEAR though: False Expectations Appearing Real. Are you really going to be laughed out of the room when you’re doing that speech? Probably not. But that FEAR is making that very remote possibility seem like the inevitable conclusion.

Recognize that FEAR. Is the likelihood of something terrible happening when you take a risk slim? Like winning the lottery slim? Like lightning striking your house in the next 5 minutes slim? If you really ground yourself in the present, those FEARs are probably a lot less likely to happen than you think. Go for it!


Have you ever stopped to think about when, where, or who you’re with when your story turns to FEAR? Is it when you are tired? Are you more FEARful at home? Or the office? Or around your kids? Or around a particular person? Think about a time when you were able to tell yourself a true story of who you are: the greatest you that has ever lived. Take note when those FEARful stories start to invade your thoughts. And the next time you’re in that situation, you can be aware of your reaction. No one is immune to FEAR 100% of the time.

Once you’ve identified the circumstances for your FEAR, then you can start to rewrite your story. One of the best ways to do this is through affirmations. Affirmations are what you tell yourself about yourself when you’re by yourself. And they’re the fastest way to rewrite your story. We’re not asking you to look in the mirror and say in a silly voice “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me.” Remember Stuart Smalley from SNL? Affirmations are much simpler than that. Going to a big pitch for a new client? Say to yourself, out loud, in the car, “I’m going to land this client.” It sets your brain on a course for success. If you’re working on something, add “I’m making progress toward” to the beginning. “I’m making progress toward my weight loss goals by working out every day.” You’d be shocked how well these truths work to set your brain on the course to a positive story.


Do you have a goal that just seems unreachable? Like there’s no way it could possibly happen? We’ve all been there. Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, said “if your goals are not bigger than you, then your business can never be.” Is the story that you’re telling yourself that what you’ve always dreamed of isn’t possible? Prove it.

Let’s say your goal as a business owner is to reach $20 million in revenue. You’re only at $1 million now, so that can sound like it will never ever be possible. Wrong. Someone else has been there before. Someone else who is your age, your gender, your life circumstances, your background has built a 20 million dollar company. Find that person. Find that Business Owner halfway around the world who has built a 20 million dollar company and has your education. Find a person in another industry who is a woman, or a person of color, or a person without family money who has made that dream happen. Finding that person becomes the proof that it is possible. Making sure that your beliefs are not limited is tremendously important. Hire a coach or mentor that can keep your thoughts on track. That can keep you accountable for your goals.


Your story is not over and can always be written to the positive. You are where you are because you are where you believe you should be. Rewriting your story can be the game changer in your path to massive growth. Your positive, confident story beams through everything you do – and people will notice. That confidence will also rub off on the people around you. Make it your goal today to remember that you are the absolute best you that has ever lived.


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